How is marijuana used?

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There are a mixed bag of methods for utilizing cannabis which include:

  • Smoking

  • Chewing

  • Brewing

  • Cooking


pot-smokeThis is the most prevalent method for utilizing cannabis.

The leaves and blooms of the cannabis plant are dried and cleaved with the goal that they take after a segment of financially accessible dried herbs. They are then added to tobacco and smoked as a “joint” or ‘spliff’.

Another alternative is smoking a joint which contains weed and that’s it.

Weed sap is scratched from the plant and after that squeezed into chestnut or dark pieces. Shavings of these are added to tobacco and smoked as a cigarette or by means of an exceptional channel called a ‘bong’.


This is more well known in nations in the Middle East and Asia. The sap is bitten as opposed to being smoked and is done so for its quieting impact.


marijuana_beer_thcfinderThis alludes to the alternative of mixing leaves of the marijuana plant in high temp water which is then tipsy as a type of tea. This reasons gentle impacts contrasted with different routines for utilizing weed which is because of the way that tetrahydrocannabinols (THC’s) are not water solvent.

This implies that there is liable to be little of the mellow changing impacts that you hope to involvement with maryjane. It is not a method for accomplishing a “high” but rather it is regularly favored for restorative reasons.


81q7AhVwXzL._SY300_A few individuals like to expend weed as a ‘cake’or another sustenance item as opposed to smoking. Doing as such implies that you are still ready to encounter the state of mind upgrading impacts of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC’s) however without the dangers of smoking.

A ‘hash cake’or “treat” is considered to have a more grounded impact than smoking or ingesting pot as a type of tea. These impacts take more time to show up yet when they do they tend to more extraordinary and more enduring.

Hash cakes are frequently known for their solid stimulating qualities.

Individuals frequently expect there is one sort of pot yet this is erroneous. There are a few sorts of a pot which are gotten from diverse parts of the marijuana plant.

A few sorts of pot are more grounded than others which all rely on which a piece of the plant they started from. For instance, skunk and sinsemilla are typed of home-grown cannabis which have a tendency to be more powerful than the conventional imported variants.

They are developed by means of complex procedures which utilize particular rearing, e.g. join two sorts of cannabis plants so as to build the measure of THC’s.

These more grounded variants are developed in Holland and the UK and tend to have larger amounts of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC’s) than different types of weed.

On the other hand, a few individuals find that these types of pot are excessively solid for them. They cause exceptional psychedelic impacts that can trigger tension or suspicion in candidly powerless individuals.

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History of medicinal marijuana

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2VsQ7xuIt appears as if medicinal marijuana is not a modern concept. Some scholars claim that marijuana was used for medicinal purposes as early as 2737 BC by the Chinese Emperor Shen Neng, who used to drink cannabis tea in order to treat his gout, malaria, rheumatism, and, according to some, even lousy memory. This type of medication was extremely popular in ancient Asia, and from there it spread to other corners of the world, such as Middle East, India, and even Africa. In fact, there is proof that some Hindus used it as a stress reliever and a painkiller.

3_History_Lessons_of_Medical_CannabisWhen it comes to Britain, the use of medicinal marijuana was popularized by an Irish doctor called William O’Shaughnessy, who read about it in India, and ehere he saw first hand the effects it has. Apart from Britain, he also spread the knowledge about this plant to America. However, America was a different story, because by the end of the 19th century, it has become full of people who got addicted to opium, which caused the attitude towards drugs to change. This was one of the main reasons why Food and Drug Administration was established in the first place, back in 1906. And even though there was no specific mention of marijuana back then, it remained on their list as a Class 1 drug, which means that is can be misused.


3a1A lot of people don’t know about this, but back in 1937, there was a thing called the Marijuana Tax Act, and it imposed severe taxes on all the doctors who were prescribing marijuana to their patients. And not only on doctors, but also on the pharmacists who were selling this plant, as well as on the people who were cultivating it. So, after that, people just could not sell medicinal marijuana legally, which made it practically become forgotten by the medical industry.

But, just like the people in the past, we now know that this plant can bring great relief to people who are suffering from various illnesses and conditions, and it would appear that the people who work in legislation have figured that out as well. More and more states have been legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana, and now there are 23 states that have legalized it, along with the District of Columbia. But, even though it is legal there, and people can use it to treat themselves, they should also keep in mind that there are some possible side-effects to marijuana usage.

These side effects may include the failure to think properly, due to the fact that the main ingredient of marijuana, THC, binds to cannabinoid receptors of our brain. Apart from thinking, people may experience the failure to remember things, failure the feel pleasure, failure to have a sense of coordination, failure to properly perceive time, etc. Also, some of the side-effects may lead the users to not be able to hold attention, to have proper judgment, and to hold their balance.

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Inside look on marijuana!

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When marijuana is mentioned in conversation, people often split in two groups. One group usually defends marijuana and people have not so bad opinion about it, as they have fear of use of marijuana can pull people in some dark depths of drug use.

So let’s look at marijuana from both perspectives, if that is possible.

First, let look at the group defending marijuana.


Charles Bukowski said a long time ago that every one of us needs to find favorite poison and let it kills us slowly. That maybe can be applied to cigarettes, booze or food but not for marijuana. To this day we cannot find any marijuana related death and that is applied to whole world.

Side effects of marijuana are hunger, sleepiness and overall happiness which cannot be said about many prescription drugs that are legal, neither for fast food or cigarettes. There is no tar or nicotine in marijuana.  Simply put, you cannot overdose of marijuana even if you try.

Cannabinoid, one of the marijuana ingredients is recently proved by National Institute for Cancer that kills tumors and cancer cells, an also stops tumors from growing by cutting off their use of red blood cells. As you can see, arguments for total legalization of marijuana, and by that we mean not only medical use, but liberty to grow it at home, like garden roses, and make products of it, like oil for example, are piling up.

But let see what arguments other side have.

cannabis-marijuana-_pd_Main concern for marijuana is that if legalized, it will in time make people look for something stronger like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy or crack. Also, there is concern that you can become addicted on marijuana.

Rather than presenting counter argument, let us look for real life example.

When Netherlands change its soft drug policy, neighboring countries went nuts about it without understanding what Dutch are doing. They legalized smoking of cannabis in coffee shops that are licensed to sell five gram per person per day, and that’s it. Also, cannabis strains that contain more that 15% THC are illegal.

Few years later, what are results?

As study shows, drug related deaths are lowest in Europe. Trafficking of heavy drugs are down by 80% so is use. Criminal activity, drug related one, is down by 50%. Profit from so called “cannabis tourism” is up by 60%.

Now, why is that?

First of all, now that you can by cannabis freely in coffee shop that are allowed to sell it, no need for you to go to street dealers so the contact with heavier drugs is reduced, so the dealers are not on the streets. No hooking of customers by giving free cocaine and heroin. Also, concerning that a drug dealers are not on the streets, turf wars for sell corners are reduced. Are we needed to continue?

Every argument made against total legalization of marijuana is countered with at least two or three of pro-marijuana. So legalize it, because war on cancer need most powerful weapon out there.

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How to coach Your Child About Marijuana without fixning it for them

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  1. In the event that weed is legitimate, it’s not awful for me

cannabis-education-3Disclose to your youngster that this isn’t fundamentally genuine, that there are various substances that are legitimate, for example, liquor, tobacco, and opiates, additionally possibly perilous or even life debilitating if utilized or mishandled. Point out that security issues for every single legitimate substance is dependably a worry on the grounds that you never know how a medication will influence you. We know for sure that substance use among children is never great because of the mind as yet creating. You can say, “Pot utilization will influence your memory, your coordination, your capacity to center, and how you decide. An ideal approach to keep up control and settle on choices is to be perceptive and not affected by maryjane.”

  1. Liquor executes a huge amount of individuals, however, pot appears to be more secure in examination

98579656.0Anybody can bite the dust from utilizing a substance, legitimate or not, contingent upon how and when it’s utilized. It’s actual that quite a few people pass on every year from driving while impaired, liquor harming and from smoking cigarettes, so you ought to push why you don’t need your tyke utilizing liquor or tobacco either. Point out that while the features may not be reporting passings that happen straightforwardly after marijuana use, it doesn’t imply that it is a more secure substance to utilize. Repeat that every time somebody smokes pot it influences their choice making abilities and restraints are decreased, which thus can prompt poor decisions that may be risky. The most critical point to make here is that all substances will influence your tyke in some negative way and nobody substance is essentially more secure than another.

  1. Did you ever smoke pot?

grandma-marijuanaThis inquiry may be a standout amongst the most feared inquiries to originate from a kid to a guardian. The answer truly relies on upon how you parent your tyke and what your convictions are around revelation. While a few folks feel they basically can’t or ought not to be honest to owning up to a substance utilizing past, for those that do it’s imperative to take after a couple of rules. To begin with, keep your reaction short and to the point without giving an excess of subtle elements. Saying something like, “When I was in secondary school somebody offered me a pot and on the grounds that I wasn’t sufficiently solid to say no I attempted it”. You can then give a few insights about how it made you feel, accentuating that by and large it disabled certain parts of your life, for example, your capacity to think obviously, lose enthusiasm for exercises, issue with the law, and so on. Make an effort not to get stalled in your past, but rather center rather on what you realized and what you know now as a grown-up, also your sympathy toward your youngster and his/her future.

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Health risks of marijuana use

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Health risks of marijuana use

Confirmation obviously demonstrates that utilizing pot has wellbeing dangers. As cannabis containing more elevated amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is turning out to be more typical, the utilization of this more grounded sort of weed can add to expanded wellbeing dangers. Truth be told, today’s marijuana is more grounded than pot from numerous years prior. Studies demonstrate that the normal level of THC, the main “personality changing” segment of maryjane, has expanded by 300% to 400% throughout the most recent couple of decades.

Youth is particularly powerless against the wellbeing impacts of pot utilization on the grounds that immaturity is a basic time for mental health. Having THC in the mind at such a basic time can along these lines meddle with mental health and damage cerebrum capacity. It can likewise build the danger of setting off an insane scene or an emotional sickness, for example, schizophrenia.

Find out about the mental and physical dangers to one’s wellbeing from general weed utilization.

Physical impacts of cannabis misuse


Transient impacts

Physical impacts of short-term (intense) cannabis utilization can include:

  • red eyes,
  • increased heart rate,
  • drop in circulatory strain,
  • light-headedness (blacking out),
  • heart assault, and
  • stroke.

Long haul impacts

The physical wellbeing impacts of cannabis utilize principally include your lungs and heart.

Lung and breathing issues

Like tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke is a blend of harmful substances. Weed smoke disturbs the throat and lungs, reasons hacking and is connected with side effects of bronchitis. Weed smoke additionally contains a number of the same tumor bringing about materials as tobacco smoke.

Customary cannabis smokers may endure the same side effects as tobacco smokers, for example,

  • chronic (progressing) hack,
  • increased mucus development in the throat (bodily fluid),
  • frequent midsection issues, and
  • the greater danger of lung diseases.

Heart issues

The heart regularly pulsates around 70 to 80 times each moment, yet utilizing maryjane can twofold that rate. This expanded rate can put a ton of weight on the heart. Smoking pot can likewise bring about an expanded danger of stroke. The dangers of heart assault or stroke from pot utilization seem to increment with age and with prior heart or blood course issues.

Pregnancy issues


Ladies who are pregnant may be especially at danger for wellbeing issues identified with weed utilization.

Pot smoking amid pregnancy has been connected with enduring damage to the uncovered youngster’s memory and other mind capacities and, in addition, hyperactive conduct. Like liquor, the poisons in a pot are conveyed in the mother’s blood to her unborn youngster. Pot utilize for the most part influences the improvement of the baby’s nerves and mind.

The poisons in a pot are likewise conveyed in a bosom drain and can be gone to her developing child.

Studies demonstrate that a few children destined to ladies who utilized pot amid pregnancy have a tendency to have:

  • delayed visual reactions,
  • shaking,
  • a sharp cry, and
  • decreased conception weight.

In more established kids, issues are regularly seen while they are at school. Introduction to weed may influence them:

  • memory,
  • problem-comprehending abilities,
  • emotional and behavioral reactions, and
  • losing focus.
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Research on Marijuana

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Research on Marijuana

This is what is known: About 20 years back, researchers found a framework in the mind that reacts to 60 chemicals in a pot, otherwise called cannabis. It’s known as the endocannabinoid framework. This framework assumes a part in a considerable lot of the body’s capacities, for example, in the heart, alongside the digestive, endocrine, safe, anxious, and regenerative frameworks. The revelation started enthusiasm for discovering particular chemicals produced using marijuana that could be focused for particular conditions.

No single association tracks all exploration investigations of medicinal weed and marijuana-based medications and herbs. The accompanying audit is a synopsis of controlled studies since 1990. It is taking into account reporting; examination gave by NORML, the pot sanctioning backing gathering; and information found in PubMed, the National Institutes of Health’s RePORTER, and a database kept up by the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, a restorative cannabis research association situated in Cologne, Germany.

Alzheimer’s Disease: One 1997 trial found that engineered THC could ease side effects of Alzheimer’s. Patients were less unsettled and ate better after treatment.

Extreme introvertedness : Two creature studies demonstrate that chemicals in weed may help indications of a few types of a mental imbalance. An investigation of kids with extreme introvertedness is in progress at the University of California Irvine Medical Center.

infdis_bacteria2Disease: Several studies on the creature and human cells and a little study on 9 individuals recommended THC and different cannabinoids (chemicals got from cannabis) may moderate the development of cerebrum growth. Various lab studies in human cells have additionally demonstrated the potential for them to moderate different sorts of growths, for example, bosom disease, and leukemia; no studies in individuals have occurred.

Endless Pain : More than 45 studies have taken a gander at cannabis and torment identified with unending maladies, for example, growth, diabetes, fibromyalgia, various sclerosis, HIV, rheumatoid joint inflammation, and spinal wounds. The studies have included smoked weed, alongside homegrown and man-made structures. Most of the studies demonstrated a change in agony alleviation in examination to a placebo or to other conventional torment drugs. Around a quarter of the studies demonstrated no change.

Epilepsy: Personal stories and creature studies have demonstrated that cannabidiol, one of the chemicals in cannabis, may help seizures in youngsters with epilepsy. New York University simply declared it will do an investigation of youngsters with epilepsy and maryjane.

downloadDigestive Disorders: Personal stories and a few early studies have demonstrated that smoking marijuana can help individuals with digestive illnesses, for example, colitis, fractious entrail disorder, and Crohn’s malady. A portion of the outcomes incorporated a lessening in inside aggravation and reduced acid reflux. Further, a few patients had the capacity hold more supplements in their bodies, and the sickness went into abatement.

MS: More than 24 studies have taken a gander at smoked marijuana, cannabinoids, and MS. Most reported that it helped unwind patients’ unbending muscles and assisted with torment. Sativex is endorsed to treat MS in 24 nations, yet not in the U.S.

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