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When marijuana is mentioned in conversation, people often split in two groups. One group usually defends marijuana and people have not so bad opinion about it, as they have fear of use of marijuana can pull people in some dark depths of drug use.

So let’s look at marijuana from both perspectives, if that is possible.

First, let look at the group defending marijuana.


Charles Bukowski said a long time ago that every one of us needs to find favorite poison and let it kills us slowly. That maybe can be applied to cigarettes, booze or food but not for marijuana. To this day we cannot find any marijuana related death and that is applied to whole world.

Side effects of marijuana are hunger, sleepiness and overall happiness which cannot be said about many prescription drugs that are legal, neither for fast food or cigarettes. There is no tar or nicotine in marijuana.  Simply put, you cannot overdose of marijuana even if you try.

Cannabinoid, one of the marijuana ingredients is recently proved by National Institute for Cancer that kills tumors and cancer cells, an also stops tumors from growing by cutting off their use of red blood cells. As you can see, arguments for total legalization of marijuana, and by that we mean not only medical use, but liberty to grow it at home, like garden roses, and make products of it, like oil for example, are piling up.

But let see what arguments other side have.

cannabis-marijuana-_pd_Main concern for marijuana is that if legalized, it will in time make people look for something stronger like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy or crack. Also, there is concern that you can become addicted on marijuana.

Rather than presenting counter argument, let us look for real life example.

When Netherlands change its soft drug policy, neighboring countries went nuts about it without understanding what Dutch are doing. They legalized smoking of cannabis in coffee shops that are licensed to sell five gram per person per day, and that’s it. Also, cannabis strains that contain more that 15% THC are illegal.

Few years later, what are results?

As study shows, drug related deaths are lowest in Europe. Trafficking of heavy drugs are down by 80% so is use. Criminal activity, drug related one, is down by 50%. Profit from so called “cannabis tourism” is up by 60%.

Now, why is that?

First of all, now that you can by cannabis freely in coffee shop that are allowed to sell it, no need for you to go to street dealers so the contact with heavier drugs is reduced, so the dealers are not on the streets. No hooking of customers by giving free cocaine and heroin. Also, concerning that a drug dealers are not on the streets, turf wars for sell corners are reduced. Are we needed to continue?

Every argument made against total legalization of marijuana is countered with at least two or three of pro-marijuana. So legalize it, because war on cancer need most powerful weapon out there.